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zetseat youth (ym4tn)

Zetseat Youth is a youth ministry of Zetseat Apostolic Reformation Church. It engages youths who range from high school to professionals below 35 years old. The ministry aims at empowering our youth to become world changers. We host the will of God to bring transformation in schools, cities and nations.

mission statement

To bring transformation through soul winning and by making disciples of schools, cities and nations!


We believe schools are at the heart of God. Holy Spirit is initiating schools to become epic center to host the next mighty move of God. Many are encountering God’s love and power. They are receiving purposes to their life. Souls are being won by the power of God. The best is yet to come!


We work all the kingdoms are subjected to the higher Kingdom. Systems are supposed to be devoured by the system of the eternal as the rod of Aaron swallowed that of the magicians. God is about restoring the systems unto the values of His Kingdom which is peace, righteousness and joy in the Holy Spirit.

high schools and higher educations

We strive to impact schools through the preaching of the Gospel of the kingdom of God. We also empower the Christian youth to take their stand in transforming the school culture into the kingdom one. Schools are now to be hit by the righteous wave of the kingdom of God. We can’t wait till high schools become the primary visitation place of the upcoming revival


The Professionals is one wing of Zetseat Youth in which we work in transforming the city culture. Graduates are empowered with the values of the Kingdom of God and deployed into systems to become salt and light wherever they are.

youth events

fire night

Bimonthly event in which we empower the youth to explore their sphere of influence and be inspired to become light and salt in their respective sphere. We have speakers who share their experiences in the real life scenario. We also have panel discussions on the issues to be addressed. To gain the full picture of what it looks like, you better come and attend of this nights and you shall testify it is FIRE in deed!

art night

God is the creator of Art indeed. We host Art Night events once in three month in which we celebrate the goodness of God through different arts and performances. Our youths are encouraged to worship God using their talents and skills. We have poetry, songs, rap, spoken word, stage performance and so more to mention. Again you are so encouraged to come and see how ART can worship God.

gospel month

We have designated two months of the year which are related to the major holidays (Christmas and Passover) for evangelism. Though we make evangelism throughout the year, the gospel months are especially dedicated to proclaim the Gospel in a very intention, powerful and creative way. To mention we have prayer evangelism, media evangelism, ministry evangelism and school & city outreaches.

summer camps

Summer is like spring board for our youth. It is preparation season in which we are invested in the word and presence of God. We get empowered and equipped for the work of God. We have series of projects we do in the summer:

holo ministry

Holo ministry is a counsel and prayer for the sanctification and transformation of all Christians. Its a ministry that brings the gospel to those parts of a believer's heart that have not yer fully believed and cooperated with Christ. Its discipline of digging deep, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to discover whatever roots might be springing back to life, and to bring them to effective death on the cross. Thus, by forgiving and getting free of wounds and lies, creates an environment for a true intimate relationship with the Godhead.

awakening conference

God has given this revelation while we were praying before Him to show us His heart for teenagers. We have heard of the upcoming revival since from we were kids. But, we never understood when and how it is going to happen.

Aren’t His words and promises true? This was the triggering point for such revelation and prophecy to come from heaven and be revealed to us. God of all creation said to us: ‘the revival that you are waiting for is waiting for you.’ I know that is really shocking, right? We said, “how come this is true?”

Perhaps, God is looking for the next revivalists. Now we have engaged in raise the next new breed of revivalists. The Awakening Conference is prepared to gather those revivalists and equip them by the Word and Spirit of God.

mission school

Through history, before God sent His glory and visit the world, He used to fore-send those who would carry the glory or through whom He visits. He calls for people to be sent before He called Himself to visit the world.

He looks for individuals who are desperate to carry His glory go to the world. A generation who is going to be instruments of God should come first before we see the mighty move of God. God is looking for a generation to send.

“And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick.”

Luke 9:2

Mission School is intended to equip young missionaries who dedicate their life to carry the message of God to the world. It is a platform that empowers young missionaries and equips them with the Word of God and His Spirit. It provides the basic tools how to fulfill the great commission wherever they are.

ays - annual youth summit

The Background

Annual Youth Summit is an annual service hosted by the youth ministry of Zetseat Apostolic Reformation Church. The summit is held every year in the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at the end of the year (E.C). Annual Youth Summit was long conceived by prior youth leaders in Zetseat. With the conviction that we alone cannot make difference on the nation, there was a deep desire for unity, country based Christian youth unity, which will be able to overcome national and international problems and mobilize the youth for the kingdom of God.


The vision Addressing the contemporary young generation with the timely agenda of God

The Target

In connection with the commencement, the target of annual youth summit in general is to be able to create podium and stage for Christian youth of the world to be able to unite under one commission. For them to join hands together as soldiers of one general by the right understanding of what the timely agenda is. Another notable target is the ability of having one stage where God addresses the generation as one to communicate his timely agenda.

Its History

The history of AYS spans for the past 5 years, from 2015 till 2019. Each AYS was hosted in a specific theme that coherently addressed the youth and God’s timely agenda.

  • AYS|2017, Theme: ‘ADVANCE’.
  • AYS | 2018, Theme: ‘FIRE-BRAND - youth for youth
  • AYS | 2019, Grand AYS, Theme: Flood


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