history of zetseat apostolic reformation church

The history of the church is strongly related to the divine encounter that the founder of the church, Apostle Yohannes Girma had. After his life was changed by God’s visitation on April of 1994, he started preparing himself for ministry for the mission he received to raise a generation. Then God helped him to win many souls and opened doors in relation to the reformation movement initiated in the country. While he was ministering to the generation whom God gave him with other brethren, he mainly focused on preparing himself by doing his first degree at a theological college. Hereafter, by communicating with the leaders of the reformation movement which he himself established and by receiving their blessing, he went out to serve the vision that God gave him by divine guidance. With him also went out some of those who received Christ through him and were taught by him. These include: Meaza Befekadu (Prophetess), Addis Tesfu (Pastor), Birtukan H/Meskel (Evangelist), Daniel Hailu (Pastor), Eden Hailu (Pastor) and Paulos Girma. The Apostle was known for his music and worship ministry; therefore, he and the ministers with him started ministering as a choir in many churches. He also started making disciples of the young people he met in different incidents. The ministry began to grow. The counseling and fellowship times which used to be held in cafes started to gradually move to individuals’ houses. Finally, the need for renting a place emerged as an issue and the ministry continued in a rented house around an area called Cherqos.

In addition to the choir ministry what accelerated the growth and influence of the church was the students’ ministry. In the high school ministry the lives of many youngsters were transformed. Specially the student movements in Dandiiboru, Saint Joseph and later Cathedral Schools are iconic examples. And also, the college students ministry also helped the transformation of many lives.

Following the expansion of the ministry, they moved out from Cherqos area to a temporarily built building around Bulgaria area. During these times, the prophetic worship programs held in Exhibition Center, the following DVD albums of the choir and the prayer and intercession programs held for two consecutive years in Addis Ababa Stadium played a significant role in widening the sphere of influence of the church and building its international reputation.

One more area the ministry thrived in was the family revival. By receiving a guidance from God, the Apostle started teaching on marriage. And as God spoke to him and as never seen before within a few years hundreds of young men and women were blessed with successful marriages through wisdom and knowledge. This contributed a great deal to the growth of the church.

The church planted local churches during these times in two different towns namely Mekelle (2009) and Hossana (2010). Young missionaries were sent to these local churches; hence the souls of many young people were saved and the churches grew to be influential in those towns.

Due to the fast growth of the church and the need of a place that fits the vision, the church started fundraising and looking for places. In the first fundraising program, around 5 million ETB was collected from the few young people in the congregation. After searching for places, the church settled on the place where it is now. It was initially rented but by the conviction of buying it, it was built and made ready for service within a short period of time by the members’ incredible participation in the physical construction of the building.

Through continuous fundraising programs and the loan obtained from Berhan International Bank, the compound in which the worship hall is found was bought. In 2019, the church paid the bank loan completely and owned it fully. Currently the mother church has under her five local branches in Ethiopia and 3 fellowships abroad.


To see a generation suitable to God risen in the whole world.


To bring holistic righteous impact that will expand the kingdom of God through the heavenly visitation at hand and the one to come.

core values

Our God is supernatural.
The salvation of everyone is the desire & good will of God.
A Godly family is the foundation of a Godly generation.
We are created by God for a Purpose.
Time is a precious gift from God for a purpose.


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